Curiculum Vitae




Born in Ittling (Straubingen, Bavaria, Germany)


Education in Social Work (Munich).
  • First ceramic works produced in the Stocker ceramic studio in Dachau. Friendship with Arno Lehmann (Salzburg).
  • Friendship with D. Weinmann (Illustration of the first book of poetry) and theatre work with Fasold.
  • Books of poetry: "Das Gerede" and "Notizen für Blues


Formation and management of the first youth care facility of the catholic church in Rosenheim. Teacher and practical consultant for the catholic college for social work in Munich.
  • Libretto for a rock opera in the German language with Peter Ludwig (1968/69).

ab 1971

Lecturer for youth social work at the University of Kassel. Theatre forms for youth and adults (sociodrama).
  • Friendship with Jos Arnold (sculpture department, University of Kassel).
  • Painting
  • Novel "Geschichten mit Joe" (1975)

Renovation of his first half-timbered house in Langestrasse (Kassel).

  • Scraffito with children's drawings on the north fascade of the house.
  • Chairman of the incorporation for renovation critique and the preservation of historical monuments
1980-1985 Study in ceramics with Koso Ikemota until 1983 (ceramist, in Fukojoka, Japan since 1985)
  • Creation of own ceramic studio with wood-fired kiln in Langestrasse, Kassel (1981).
  • Founding member of the incorporation "documenta ectera", as sociocultural alternative to "documenta".
  • Renovation of a half-timbered house in Wasserweg (Kassel). Moving of the ceramic studio 1985.

Renovation of a half-timbered house in Bad Zwesten (Oberurf), Scraffito work on all fascades with rose motifs (1991/92).

  • Poetry "Die Reden des Häuptling Toto" (1991).
  • Novel "Revolvergeschichten" (1993)

Ceramic and social work (University of Kassel, in collaboration with Werner Gnegel).


Death in Kassel.